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Armed with Salem’s “Smart-Enuff” phone and Viv’s racing model Cadillac (with aggressive acceleration!), these two amateur super-sleuths set out to catch a gang of armed robbers terrorizing G-Ma’s neighborhood… if for no other reason than to stop G-Ma’s panic-stricken calls every time a car drives by.

The only problem: they have no leads, no clues, and they accidentally got arrested for “moral crimes.” Will these bandits be the ones who got away? Or will they be Caught in the Crotchfire?


What do readers say about Trailer Park Princess cozy mysteries?

“I expected a good read and I got even better.”

“It is refreshing to have a heroine who tries mightily, but is far from perfect. Any writer who can make me laugh out loud is high on my list.”

“Right up there with Janet Evanovich for humor.”

“I was entranced with the main character Salem from the beginning. Well developed characters with quirky and intriguing personalities. Plot twists in abundance.”


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