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I’m so excited to offer free short stories only available here to you lovely, lovely people who sign up for my newsletter.

The first is a short story that takes place immediately after The Middle Finger of Fate, called Fight the Fat.

The second short story is Get The Dale Outta Here, a short story takes place between Unsightly Bulges (book 2) and Caught in the Crotchfire (book 3).

Just fill in your information below, and click Subscribe.

You’ll be sent links to download both ebooks in all major ereader formats, and you’ll automatically get my newsletter full of…well, book news, positive quotes, cute pictures.

Nothing annoying, I promise. I hereby solemnly swear, in fact, that I will only send you what is 1) uplifting, or 2) funny, or 3) just all-around-cool-in-some-yet-to-be-determined way. Thank you.


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